26 July 2011

Join us for some chimney gazing!

We are planning a chimney swift watching extravaganza for the evening of Monday, August 8!

There are two ways to participate:

Join us at 7:30 P.M. in the parking lot near Club Amical  at 344 Main Street in St. Adolphe for a chance to observe chimney swifts at five local sites (and take a look at our tower). There's a map at http://bit.ly/ojeE9p

or contact  the project coordinator (204-798-6275 or at mbchimneyswift@gmail.com) for the location of a suitable chimney near you.

All participants are eligible for door prizes and there will be refreshments at the Saint Adolphe event. Bring a lawn chair and join us!

So, in the closing words of a venerable 1950's sci-fi movie, "Watch the Skies!"

Frank M.

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